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Scaling your B2B SaaS Startup is Easy With Us

Specializing in market research, go-to-market strategy, product-led growth, sales enablement, and fostering valuable partnerships, we’re the force behind B2B SaaS startups.

Why B2B SaaS?

  • Over 20 years of expertise in the industry,
  • Scalability and growth potential, 
  • Recurring revenue stream,
  • Our deep understanding of the complex sales cycles and strategic marketing, 
  • Data-driven insights and innovative strategies to maximize customer acquisition and retention, ensuring sustained growth and success for our clients.






Customer Acquisition

Elevate your organic reach and attract top-tier leads with targeted content and optimization strategies.

Customer Retention and Success

Enhance client satisfaction and loyalty with customized success programs that minimize churn.

Data Driven Growth Strategies​

Uncover actionable insights by tracking KPIs and optimizing performance through advanced analytics.

Sales Enablement

Streamline your sales process and boost efficiency with seamless CRM integration and management.

Growth Hacking and Innovation

Drive explosive growth and brand visibility with creative and impactful viral marketing campaigns.

Consulting and Advisory

Make informed strategic decisions with in-depth market research and competitive analysis.

Choose your End to End plan

We have 3 all-in-one package according to the stage of your startup. Choose the best package that suits your venture’s phase.

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what our clıents say

Right channels found!

Irem Zulal

Sales Manager @Teamso

“Their expertise in sales enablement and HubSpot setup has transformed our sales team’s efficiency and effectiveness. With their help, we’ve been able to streamline our processes and increase our revenue. Their focus on social  selling has also been invaluable in helping our team establish meaningful relationships with our
clients. We quickly set up the right channels for
lead generation. Thank you for helping us
achieve success.”

“We were struggling to make a dent in our sales goals until we worked with Tunahan. Their expertise in outbound sales and personalized coaching helped us increase our pipeline and ultimately close more deals. They have a deep understanding of the sales process and were able to tailor their approach to our unique needs. We highly recommend TechSalestr to anyone looking to take their sales efforts to the next level.”

highly recommended!

Can Pabuccuoglu

Co-founder @Accelium

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